Nuranisa Rae, CNM



From the moment I met Nuranisa I felt her warmth and I immediately I knew we were in safe hands. Throughout my prenatal care Nuranisa responded to every question and concern we had; I felt reassured by her knowledge, at ease by her generosity and grateful for her guidance. ~Sarah M.



The very moment I decided I wanted to become a home birth midwife could not have been more clear. My freshman year of college is when I first truly discovered midwifery. The role a midwife holds in her community and her relationship and commitment to mothers and babies is what gave me a sense of potential fulfillment. On the quest to figure out my life’s journey, I knew it would somehow revolve around serving others and becoming a midwife, working with women and babies, became the obvious answer. This was my calling to midwifery.

I very quickly became involved in the world of mothers and babies.  In 2011, I became a nurse and worked as a labor and delivery nurse and a doula, caring for high-risk women and families in New York City. In 2016, I graduated from the midwifery program at New York University and joined a home birth practice.

Through my experience as a nurse, a doula, and now a midwife, my belief and trust in natural birth and the strength of women was affirmed and could not be stronger. Women have an innate sense, an ability to understand the mother-baby relationship that needs to be nourished and developed throughout pregnancy.

My role as the midwife is to allow for the physiological process of pregnancy and birth and to be aware of the mother and baby’s health and well-being throughout the process and to also address any possible anxiety or fears that may arise before, during and after labor and birth. 

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